Welcome to St Benet's Hall


Welcome to St Benet’s Hall – a unique community at the heart of the University of Oxford dedicated to personal and intellectual formation. We proudly continue our ancient Benedictine tradition of inviting our undergraduate and postgraduate students, our fellows and lecturers, our staff and visitors, as well as our monastic community, to our hospitable table.

—Professor Richard A Cooper MA DPhil, Master

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Grads relaxing in 11 Norham Gardens

Graduate students relaxing at 11 Norham Gardens

St Giles' library

Undergraduates studying in one of the two libraries

Formal Hall

Formal Hall; St Benet's is known for its welcome and communal hospitality

benets women in garden

Women students in the garden at 38 St Giles'

Preparing to row

Preparing to row.  Opportunities for sports occur both within the Hall and across the University.


Lunch; most students and staff gather for informal, self-service lunch

Graduate working space

Working in the dedicated graduate student study room

Offices of the day in the Chapel

St Benet's roots are in its Benedictine tradition.  The Offices are sung or said everyday.

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