Undergraduate Studies


Undergraduate students are admitted for the following subjects:

  • Classics (Literae Humaniores)
  • Classics and Oriental Studies
  • History
  • History and Politics
  • Human Sciences
  • Oriental Studies
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
  • Philosophy and Theology
  • Religion and Oriental Studies
  • Theology and Religion




St Benet’s Hall follows exactly the same admissions process as all other colleges of the University.  This applies to our ordinary students, but also to monks and clergy. Please see the instructions on the University website, which gives the latest procedures by clicking here.  St Benet’s requires the same entry grades as all other colleges. The University website gives the required grades in the various qualifications available to both UK and international candidates.

Please note:

  • You can only apply directly to St Benet’s Hall as your first choice college. To do this, indicate your 'College of preference' on the UCAS form by using the drop-down list and entering the campus code 1 (STB).  Choosing St Benet’s as your first choice college will not affect your chances of being given a second interview at another college.

  • Second interviews are now arranged by the various Faculties, using a ‘smart’ computer system to distribute the candidates. This second interview may be at St Benet’s, but this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if you are actively interested in St Benet's Hall, you need to consider putting us down as your first-choice college.

  • If you apply to an oversubscribed college in your subject, you may be reallocated to any college, including St Benet's Hall, as a first-choice candidate.  Again, the Faculties use a 'smart' process for reallocation, which is designed to maximise the chances for able candidates of being summoned for interview and possibly gaining a place.  If you find yourself reallocated, please realise that this is a statement of confidence in your abilities! As with second interviews, reallocation is done by computer and  the college you end up with cannot be specified by the candidate. Whatever their final college or PPH, all students at Oxford have access to all the multiple activities and opportunities of the University and usually thoroughly enjoy their time here. 

If you have any queries about courses or the Admissions process which are best answered by the University, i.e. they would apply to any candidate applying to any college, please contact: ox.ac.uk/study, study@ox.ac.uk and +44 (0) 1865 288000.

To get a sense of what life is like in St Benet's, you might like to look at our latest information pack for freshers.


Students chatting

We admit ordinary undergraduate students, i.e. those who have just left school, both male and female, as well as an occasional student reading for a second BA degree. We also admit  male and female graduate students.

St Benet’s Hall welcomes candidates from the priesthood and monastic and religious orders, particularly those from the Benedictine order, on condition that they are of the standard demanded by the University. Such candidates are asked to apply through the normal Admissions process of the University. 

Please be aware that the normal Admissions process begins twelve months before the actual date of entry, i.e. UCAS applications to Oxford have to be received by 15thOctober in the year before the proposed date of entry.


From October 2016, students have been accommodated in two buildings: the main building at 38 St Giles', and a newly acquired building at 11 Norham Gardens, about 7 – 10 minutes’ walk away. This new building contains 29 student rooms, mainly for undergraduates but some graduate students, as well as offices for tutors and other administrative staff, accommodation for the Master, Junior Dean, various common areas, library and a large garden.

The main building at 38 St Giles' provides accommodation for final year undergraduates, graduate students, Junior Dean and the monastic community.  All students have access to all its other facilities, such as the Refectory, Chapel, common rooms, library and computers, except for periods when the Hall may be closed during the vacations.

Graduate students are offered accommodation in 38 St Giles', 11 Norham Gardens and in 140 Walton Street and Wellington Square, both of which are just round the corner from St Benet’s, and in Castle Mill, a short cycle ride away.  These are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Disability Support

St Benet’s is committed to providing equality of opportunity for students with disabilities so far as the limitations of the building allow.

The Hall’s Disability Contact is the Senior Tutor. 

Further information on disability can be found here: Disability Support

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