dr george bitsakakis

Dr George Bitsakakis:

Fellow and Tutor in Economics, Director of Studies in Economics; Dean of Degrees.



dr yvonne cornish

Dr Yvonne Cornish:

Fellow and Tutor in History, Director of Studies in History; Fellow Librarian. 



susan doran

Professor Susan Doran

Senior Research Fellow in History; Welfare and Equality Officer, Harassment Advisor.



fra john eidinow

Fra' John Eidinow:

Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Director of Studies in Classics; Presiding Fellow, Senior Treasurer of the Boat Club. 



dr pieter francois

Professor Pieter François:

Associate Professor in Cultural Evolution, Fellow and Tutor in Anthropology, Director of Studies in Human Sciences, Tutor for Graduates.

bernard gowers

Dr Bernard Gowers

Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions. 



brian klug

Dr Brian Klug:

Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy. 




dr mary marshall

Dr Mary Marshall:

Fellow and Tutor in Theology, Director of Studies in Theology; Senior Treasurer of the Joint Common Room, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Outreach at the Faculty of Theology and Religion. 


fr oswald

Fr Oswald McBride:

Prior and Chaplain.



Dr Frances Reynolds:

Dean, Fellow and Tutor in Oriental Studies, Director of Studies in Oriental Studies; Shillito Fellow in Assyriology in the Faculty of Oriental Studies.



Mr Grahame Smith: 




joseph shaw

Dr Joseph Shaw:

Fellow in Philosophy. 



nicholas waghorn

Dr Nicholas Waghorn:

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Director of Studies in Philosophy, PPE Coordinator; Welfare Officer, Harassment Advisor, Senior Member of the Drama Society.

Honorary Fellows

Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield: MA, PhD (Cantab), FBA, FRHistS (2008–). Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, University of London (2001–)

Professor Werner G Jeanrond: MA, PhD (Chicago). Master of St Benet's Hall and Professor of Theology, University of Oxford (2012-2018); Professor of Systematic Theology (Dogmatics), University of Oslo (2018-)

Sir Anthony Kenny: STL (Rome), MA, DPhil (Oxon), DLitt (Oxon), DCL, FBA (1974-), Professor of Philosophy, University of Oxford (1989-1999); Master Balliol College (1978 –1989); Warden Rhodes House (1989-1999), Pro-Vice-Chancellor (1984-2001), President British Academy (1989-1993)

Professor Henry Mayr-Harting: MA, DPhil, DD (Oxon), FBA (2008–). Emeritus Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford (1997–2004)

Very Rev Henry Wansbrough OSB: MA (Oxon), STL (Fribourg), LSS (Rome) (2007–). Master of St Benet’s Hall (1990–2004); Titular Cathedral Prior of Norwich (2004–9); Titular Cathedral Prior of Durham (2009–); Alexander Jones Professor of Biblical Studies, Liverpool Hope University (2011–)

Fellow Emeritus

Dr Santha Bhattacharji, MA (Oxon), PhD (Bristol)

Senior Tutor St Benet's Hall (2004-2019)


Mr Steve Rumford, BSc Imp

Bursar St Benet's Hall (2015-2020)