Open Days

Every year, the University holds three Open Days, two at the end of June or beginning of July, and one in the third week of September. The dates of Open Days for the current year can be found on the University website.  

St Benet’s participates in the Open Days by operating a ‘drop-in’ programme. This means that enquirers can drop in to St Benet’s at any time throughout the Open Day, usually 10am-5pm. Current students will show visitors around St Benet’s and answer questions about studying and living in the Hall. St Benet's Hall accepts applications from female and male applicants. 

open days

The Senior Tutor and other tutors will also be available throughout the day to answer questions about courses and admissions. The intimate size of St Benet’s makes it easy for enquirers to sit down with a tutor and have a lengthy conversation, if they wish, about any aspect of preparing for Oxford or choosing the right course. They are also welcome to have a cup of tea or other refreshments, and generally take a break from rushing around between the departments, colleges and admissions events across the University. As a smaller college, we have had appreciative feedback about the opportunity we offer for engaging in real conversation, and our size means that a ‘drop-in’ can be fitted in to a spare ten minutes in a busy day. 

We look forward to meeting you!