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St Benet's Institute: Faith, Leadership and Dialogue

Following an Oxford tradition that goes back to the 12th century, the Master and the monks, the fellows, hall officers, lecturers, students and guests at St. Benet’s Hall gather around one common table to share food, conversation and ideas.

Building upon this tradition and the even older Benedictine understanding of community, hospitality and the gift of discernment, St. Benet’s Hall has established the St. Benet’s Institute to provide a focus on issues of Faith, Leadership and Dialogue.

The aim of the St. Benet’s Institute is to encourage better understanding and co-operation between various faith leaders, academics, policy-makers and the wider public by creating a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue, research and cross-sectoral engagement. St Benet’s Institute will draw on the learning and experience of these various traditions and disciplines to address some of our global human challenges and where possible provide policy recommendation and change.

The next events is:

Catholic Engagement with Other Religious Traditions in the World Today: Explorations in Theological, Political and Ecclesiological Thought

Friday, 6 March 2020 | 9.30am – 3.30pm

The Griffith Room

11 Norham Gardens

Oxford OX2 6PS

 This study day will bring together some of the best scholars from within the Catholic tradition to engage with issues around the Catholic engagement with other traditions in the world today as well as other non-Catholic voices to reflect upon the influence and significant of Catholic theological, political and ecclesiological thought.

Contributions from:

  • Anthony O'Mahony: “The Vatican and the Muslim world: Catholic perspectives on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations”
  • Scott Thomas: “Towards a Culture of Encounter: St. Francis, Pope Francis, the Franciscan Tradition, and the Transformation of International Relations”
  • Agnes Wilkins OSB: "Spirituality, Dialogue and conversion: the itinerary of Fr. Jean-Mohammed Abd-el-Jalil”
  • Minlib Dallh: “An exploration in mysticism and encounter between Christianity and Islam
  • Brian Klug: “Judaism and Catholicism: The Common Ground of Social Justice”
  • Lord Alderdice: “The role of Religious Experience in Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Dialogue”

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Limited spaces available. Refreshments and light lunch will be provided.



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