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St Benet's Institute: Re-thinking Solidarity: Solidarity, religion and inter-faith dialogue

Re-thinking Solidarity: Solidarity, religion and inter-faith dialogue

23 October | 23 October | 2pm – 3.30pm

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Following the success of the first webinar, which marked the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Solidarnosc – the first independent trade union in the Soviet bloc, which led to the collapse of communism and a peaceful transition to democracy across Central and Eastern Europe, we are launching Re-thinking Solidarity series.

Re-thinking Solidarity will bring together leading academics, historians, philosophers, theologians, social activists, policy makers and legislators to engage in thoughtful reflection and re-think what solidarity means today, in light of a variety of societal changes, the current geopolitical situation and the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic. We will explore the idea of solidarity in the context of religion and inter-faith dialogue; environmental and financial sustainability; politics and political psychology; and equality and social justice.

Solidarity, religion and inter-faith dialogue speakers:

Lord Alderdice (chair)
Dariusz Karlowicz, Political Theology
Nazila Ghanea, University of Oxford
Daniel Greenberg, Jewish Law and Ethics
Jaroslaw Kupczak OP, St. John Paul II Institute of Culture, Angelicum

Re-thinking Solidarity is organised by the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building and the Political Theology, in partnership with St. Benet’s Institute, St. Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford and The St. John Paul II Institute of Culture at Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas Angelicum in Rome, and supported by the Polish Cultural Institute in London.


Further dates in the series:   

20 Nov 2020, 14:00: Solidarity between the generations – environmental and financial sustainability 

18 Dec 2020, 14:00: Solidarity, politics and political psychology

19 Feb 2021, 14:00: Solidarity, equality and social justice


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