Fundraising Priorities

Fundraising priorities

As we look towards the future we set our sights on maintaining and improving all that makes St Benet's Hall the wonderful place it currently is while also recognizing the difficulties we face. Tuition fees and facilities cover only 85% of our yearly expenses - a gap of about £2000 per student. Unlike other colleges, Benet's does not benefit from a large endowment so, to bridge this divide, we must rely on the generosity of our alumni and friends.


In order to make Benet's a financially sustainable and even more desirable place to live, work and study we need your support. Every gift to Benet's will help fund our areas of greatest need:


Preserving the Tutorial System

Despite our small size, Benet's is able to offer studies in a variety of subject areas ranging from Theology to Human Sciences. Your generous donations support student success each and every year you give.


Supporting Community

St Benet's Hall prides itself in its community atmosphere. Your gift supports community by fostering the academic, social, cultural and spiritual growth of all Benetians.


Buildings and Heritage
Our Georgian and Victorian sites on St Giles' and Norham Gardens provide housing, academic and social spaces to our students, academics, monastic community and guests. Your gift will ensure that our home is available to students for years to come.


To make a gift, please follow the instructions found at Support the Hall.

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