Faith, Leadership and the Environment: From Theology to Action

For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs – which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. This year will be the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26. The gathering will review the commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement, and urge governments to increase their climate action. With the UK as President, COP26 takes place in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November, 2021.


In the run up to COP26, Faith in Leadership and St Benet's Hall are convening an interactive online gathering to explore the distinctive ways that faith leaders can support the realisation of the summit goals.


We have convened a panel of expert friends to comment on the intersection between faith, leadership and the environment.


Together, we will address such questions as:

  • What issues are at stake in COP26?
  • In what ways does faith matter to the UN system?
  • Will the present awareness of our interconnected vulnerability extend to approaches to the global environmental crisis?
  • How would you summarise the wisdom that your own faith community has to contribute to the flourishing of our planet at this time?
  • What is the best practical contribution your faith community can make to the world during the coming crucial decade?
  • What personal practices would you recommend to those taking part?