2021 Degree Day

09.00 Arrive at the Hall
•    Coffee is available 
•    Sign the official Degree list on arrival
•    If you have ordered a gown to St Benet’s Hall, collect your gown. You will wear the gown of the Degree you are receiving, and your mortar board. You should take your hood to the ceremony. 
•    Check sub fusc, etc
•    Collect your ceremony guest tickets and pass these to your guests

09:30 Instructions
•    The Dean of Degrees talks through the format of the ceremony. 

09:45   Leave for the Sheldonian
•    Leave for the Sheldonian, led by the Dean of Degrees. Graduands and guests to walk in groups to the Sheldonian. (Guests enter the Sheldonian separately from graduands.) Guests and graduands enter the building via separate entrances and are seated by 10am. 
10.30 Ceremony starts  

11.50  Ceremony ends – return to St Benet’s Hall
•    A professional photographer will be at the Hall, should you wish to purchase formal photographs. 
•    Drinks (including champagne and non - alcoholic drinks) will be available at St. Benet’s from 12:00

13:00 Lunch
Lunch with Prosecco and non-alcoholic drinks will be served. Certificates to be presented following lunch – a photograph opportunity with the Master or Dean of Degrees.

15:30 Departure
We look forward to seeing you!  Please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any questions. degree.ceremonies@stb.ox.ac.uk