Committee and Roles, Trinity Term 2017

President: Jack Williams (Classics),

Treasurer:  Joe Lord (Classics),

Boat Club Captain: Leone Astolfi (History),

Secretary: Ned Seagrim (Phil/Theol),

Welfare Officers: James Baxter (Rel and Oriental Studies), and Serena Reeve-Tucker (Phil/Theol),

BME Representative: Ines Bonneau (Phil/Theol),

LGBTQ Officer: Joe Lord (Classics),

Food & Liaison Officer: Giulia Zileri Dal Verme (Classics),

Social Secretary:  Beata Adams (History),

Sports Secretary: Ned Seagrim (Phil/Theol),

Graduate Representative: William Skelton (MPhil Cuneform Studies),

Women's Officer: Martha Harlan (Phil/Theol),

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