St Benet's reduces its annual CO2 emissions from energy and emits the lowest CO2 of the Colleges in the University

For the year to April 2019, the CO2 emissions from energy usage at St Benet’s Hall has reduced from 126 tonnes CO2 (April 2018) to 90 tonnes CO2.  That is good news.


As might be expected with a small building footprint, St Benet’s Hall has the lowest CO2 emissions of any of the 31 Colleges and Halls of the Univesity of Oxford that report their data.  The comparison includes the other small colleges that make up the University.


Normalising the data against the number of undergraduate students as a proxy for size, St Benet’s has moved from third lowest College last year to the lowest CO2 emissions per undergraduate student (1.4 tonnes CO2/undergraduate, compared to the median of 2.7 tonnes CO2/undergraduate).


Stewardship is an integral part of the Benedictine ethos of St Benet's Hall.


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