Last in series of Digital Humanities

St Benet's Hall Research Forum - Digital Humanities; Dr Iza Romanowska

This Friday we have our last talk of the St. Benet's Research Forum with Dr. Iza Romanowska, from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre discussing Agent-based Modelling in Humanities.

The large scale patterns that we commonly detect in the archaeological record or historical sources are often not a simple sum of individual human interactions.  Instead, they are a completx interwoven network of dependencies amoung individuals, groups and the environment in which individuals live.  Using tools such as simulation and in particular Agent-based Modelling we can start to unravel some of these networks and uncover the dynamic processes that have driven societies in the past.


Friday 15 March, 5:30pm - Griffith Room, 11 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6PU