'Complete Surrender' - a short film, co-directed by Dr Louise Nelstrop

'Complete Surrender' - a short film

'Complete Surrender'; Dr Louise Nelstrop, lecturer in Theology at St Benets' Hall has recently co-directed this short film. It explores why well-known continental artists are making use of female mystics and explores themes of love and female authority. Dr Nelsrop was awarded Knowldege Exchange seed funding from the University of Oxford together with match-funding from USCIA and the Ruusbroec Institute, including a three-month USCIA scholarship based at the Ruusbroec Institute in Antwerp University. The film is being 'premiered' at the Mystical Theology Network Conference in Boston, Mass, (Feb 28th-3rd March 2019), - https://www.bc.edu/bc-web/academics/sites/ila/events/metaphor-making-and-mysticism.html#metaphor_making_and_mysticism.