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October 20, 2014 @ 14:58

Congratulations to the Hall’s new students who were officially received as members of the University this weekend. 

The matriculation ceremony (which takes its name from the Latin matricula, ‘register’) is held each year at the Sheldonian Theatre and has its origins in the Middle Ages. Students attend in full academic dress, ‘Sub Fusc’, and are addressed by the Vice Chancellor in Latin: 

Scitote vos in Matriculam Universitatis hodie relatos esse, et ad observandum omnia Statuta istius Universitatis, quantum ad vos spectent, teneri.

‘Know that you are today added to the Roll of the University and bound to obey all the statutes of this University so far as they apply to you.’

Pictured: the matriculating undergraduate and graduate students with the Master.

Photograph copyright of St Benet's Hall.  This image may not be copied or used without permission.