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October 6, 2014 @ 08:06

Before the beginning of the new academic year, St Benet’s hosted a luncheon in honour of the Very Rev Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, for family, friends and members of the St Benet’s community. The occasion was organised by his sister, Miriam James, to mark the occasion of his eightieth birthday. Fr Henry was Master of St Benet’s Hall from 1990-2003.

Professor Werner G Jeanrond, the present Master, toasted Fr Henry and spoke warmly of the affection held for him by many alumni of the Hall. Professor Jeanrond also thanked Fr Henry for his enduring legacy and expressed admiration for both his stewardship of the Hall and famed roller-blading skills.

As well as serving as Master, Fr Henry is a renowned Biblical scholar with numerous publications to his name; he was editor of the New Jerusalem Bible. Fr Henry was Titular Cathedral Prior of Norwich (2004–2009) and a Member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission (1997–2007). He is Titular Cathedral Prior of Durham (2009-) and Alexander Jones Professor of Biblical Studies within the Department of Theology, Philosophy and Religious studies at Liverpool Hope University (2011-). Fr Henry continues his research at Ampleforth Abbey where he teaches, serves as a chaplain to the school, and tends to the gardens, among other things.

The Hall wishes Fr Henry many happy returns!

Pictured: Fr Henry leading one of his famous Holy Land tours in the Old City of Jerusalem, 2013.