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disability support

Oxford University is very well organised to give support to students with a range of disabilities, including SpLD students.  Please see the relevant pages on the University website for further and more in-depth informationIf a student declares a disability or Learning Difficulty on his UCAS form, it is likely that the University Disability Advisory Service will contact him/her directly even before he or she comes up.  The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) will arrange dyslexia testing or similar as necessary.

At St Benet’s, the Senior Tutor sees all the freshers individually on arrival.  As part of the interview, she checks what conditions they may have which might require special arrangements in exams or other support.  She will then notify DAS of any students needing testing or other disability assessments.  On the basis of the assessment results, she will then apply to the Proctors for special arrangements in exams as necessary.  The Senior Tutor will also discuss with the student the wording of any message he/she would like to be sent round to individual tutors throughout their time at Oxford.

At St Benet's Hall, we do our best to support any other physical disabilities, and in the past few years have helped several students with serious medical conditions to complete their studies successfully.  However, the Hall itself is a tall listed building, and is not wheelchair-friendly.  In this situation, the colleges would co-operate to try and find suitable accommodation for a student.